Refund Policy

Refund policy is to be understood prior while hiring us!

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is undoubtedly indisputable. At, refunding either partial or full is made with transparent code of system to ensure the satisfaction of each client on their request. Free revision service is to be made in practice to give and get more chances to be satisfied either. Refunding is done only for the following circumstances:

  • The writer was incompetent to meet the scheduled deadlines.
  • The plagiarized content was detected.
  • The paper was unable to hit the given mark
  • Satisfaction was not derived through revision.
  • The customer service department was incompetent to turn up through call/ email within 24 hours.

Our clients are endowed to place a request of being refunded but the final decision authority lies on the Quality Assurance Department. The limited time to place request is within 7 days after receiving the final product. If request would failed to be submitted within the given time bound, it is automatically rejected.

The exact decision about the amount to be refunded is to be taken by QAD. It is further notified that when a full refund request is made only 90% of the total amount will be reimbursed