Privacy Policy

Maintaining confidentiality of information with secured privacy policy!

Privacy Policy

Our prime job at is to safeguard your privacy by giving it supreme value. Carefully designed privacy policy is made to support you at all the stages of work done. It is advised to read all the needed information before going to opt for our agency.

Private information:

Your personal data (name, address, and contact number) is collected when the order form is filled. This information is needed to just keep in touch whenever is required to make the process smooth and efficient. We respect the confidential data of our valued client by securing them neither to be sold nor to be leaked to the third party.

Google Analytics:

Visitor`s rating and comments for our website are evaluated thorough Google analytics just to know about their activities without manipulating the data for other causes.

Financial Information:

The information regarding Credit Card or PayPal account will be asked to make available to systematize payment transactions save and secured. It is to be notifying that the data regarding the transaction would not be stored or piled up which after to make it used completely deleted from our server.


To customize the service, we always have flexible options to collect data of people visiting the website. If you intend not to give any specific information, you may disable the setting but make it sure once it is disabled it some certain elements of the website will not be able to be viewed.